Pre-Owned Aircraft

Currently there is an abundance of certain pre-owned aircraft that are for sale.  As the economy has transitioned from a seller’s market to more of a buyer’s market, many current aircraft values are at historic lows. While the purchase price can seem attractive, the technical condition of the same model aircraft can drastically vary.  AMS will assist a client in avoiding costly maintenance surprises and negotiate attractive pricing, even if modifying an aircraft is necessary to meet the client’s needs. Our knowledge and understanding of the marketplace and changing values can save you considerable money and time when making such important decisions. AMS considers future maintenance considerations and service life items that generally impact residual and resale value of your aircraft.

AMS is constantly studying and focused on the business aviation market and the dynamics affecting it.

AMS specializes in working with a purchaser of an aircraft while providing independent and unbiased assistance.  Whether it is the first time an individual or your company is acquiring aircraft, or having been through the process before, AMS works as a team member through the entire process. The experience level of AMS includes the full range of corporate jet, helicopter and business aircraft. From turboprops to large business jets to rotary wing, our experts have extensive hands on experience in acquisition, sales, management, flight operations and maintenance. We work directly with both individuals and corporations when a decision is proposed to acquire a new or pre-owned aircraft.

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