Private Aircraft

Private jet travel is becoming more and more accessible in recent years to small and medium sized businesses and private individuals who value time. Executives and managers of both large and smaller companies are finding corporate jets to be a cost effective solution for both scheduled and last minute travel requirements. With an ever increasing competitiveness of modern business and knowing that timeliness is often the difference between securing business and missing an opportunity; taking control of your travel is essential. Avoiding the increased probability of experiencing endless issues typical when traveling commercially, private aircraft offers not only efficiencies but a symbol of value noticed and appreciated by your client. It is a fact that the use of private jet travel is one decision you can make that has a major influence on the most important and valuable commodity – time.

The facts about private jet charters for business:

  • Private aviation allows you, your family or business colleagues to reach multiple destinations in a fraction of the time spent on airline travel. Multi-city itineraries accommodated within one day are not uncommon in corporate business travel
  • Companies can often send representatives on day trips that would require several days with airline travel – a sure solution to increasing daily and weekly productivity and maximizing personnel resources
  • A private aircraft is equipped to a mobile office. Employees are able to meet, plan and work while en route to their destination. Private aviation allows employees to discuss confidential information in a private and secure environment
  • Private jet charters are technologically equipped, to keep in contact with family or key personnel throughout the trip
  • Private travel reduces actual time in transit. There are no parking hassles, ticket lines, airline connections and security delays to experience
  • Private jet travel works around the passenger’s changing schedule. The departure time is now in your hands
  • Private air travel is the solution to meet with more people and experience more of what is important in life – by simply saving time


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