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Initially incorporated in 1983 as an aviation management consulting firm, Aviation Management Systems, Inc. (“AMS”) offers a unique blend of consulting services to both business and commercial aviation markets. The background of our management and staff provides a solid foundation of knowledge and experience allowing us to offer our clients both insightful and informative advice and counsel.

The company’s primary focus is assisting clients with aircraft acquisitions/transactions, asset based management solutions, management support, technical/operational support, plus variety of other services. These services provide assistance to clients acquiring the aircraft, products and/or services necessary to meet their needs and requirements.

Our client base consists mainly of aircraft owners and operators, fractional owners, aircraft lenders, the insurance industry and legal community.  We also provide technical and transactional support to aircraft brokers and dealers, assisting them in selling and/or re-market aircraft, equipment, facilities or services.

Whether it’s a new or pre-owned aircraft acquisition, fractional acquisition or acquiring services from suppliers or vendors, our staff will provide the most accurate and up to date intelligence available. Our experience working with management companies, charter operators, the financial and legal community, aircraft and engine manufactures, and industry service sectors, enables us to offer our clients a wide range of disciplines.

Our ultimate goal is to offer our clients the support necessary to make informed decisions.

Our activities are designed to cooperate rather than compete with aircraft dealers/brokers, fixed base operators, aircraft charter, management/service organizations. We work in concert with them on our client’s behalf. As a dedicated consumer advocate, the company’s sole source of business is derived from fee-based management consulting services.  We do not accept fees or commissions from third parties.

Our team’s disciplines are based on the strength of our management, administrative, finance, technical and operational background and experience. The services we offer focus on providing management solutions, process management, aircraft technical and market evaluations, business and operational audits. In particular, we support the needs of clients acquiring aircraft.

Aviation Management Systems, Inc. and its affiliates are owned and operated by aviation professionals with over one hundred (100) years of combined business aviation experience. The staff and management are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive and cost-effective services available in business aviation today.

“At AMS, we understand the needs of aircraft owners, operators, service providers, and manufacturers. Our management, technical, and operational background, along with years of hands on business experience, can guide you in making informed decisions regarding your aviation assets.

From beginning to end, the people of AMS serve the international aviation community through hard work and knowledge with an emphasis on service and integrity.

AMS has assembled a remarkable and cohesive team of aviation experts. We are proud to have this opportunity to introduce them to you.”

William J. Quinn, Founder, President & CEO