Aviation Solutions

Rely on AMS as your front line solution and advisor for:

Fractional Ownership

AMS has found that fractional aircraft ownership can be a solution for a client with specific needs and to meet objectives that are not as well served with using private aircraft charter, Jet Cards or with the purchasing a whole aircraft. AMS has accumulated a comprehensive level of knowledge of fractional programs and of their providers since their induction in 1986. With this knowledge and strong industry relationships, AMS is able to provide our clients valuable decision making guidance to effectively manage and benefit from accessing fractional owned aircraft on a worldwide basis. Fractional ownership of an aircraft consists of multiple owners having partial ownership of the aircraft’s title and contracting the operation of the aircraft with a fractional program provider. Usually, fractional share sizes purchased by owners are in variations of 1/16 or 6.25% increments. Operationally, each share is managed by way of an owner having available access to an assigned number of flight hours or days of utilization per year. Fractional related services:

  • Overview of the fractional program the client is enrolled in or considering
  • Providing an AMS transportation analysis to match the best type fractional aircraft program with the client
  • Review and negotiating of the contract and contract terms
  • Guidance with the process of a fractional share acquisition
  • Facilitating aircraft valuations (acquisition & re-purchase)
  • Financing and leasing of existing owned shares
  • Guidance in fractional share re-purchase processes


Private aircraft charter can be a cost effective choice depending on the client’s frequency of travel and unique requirements. While not all private aircraft charter is the same, AMS provides our clients with the knowledge that is needed to understand the variations in aircraft charter that are important.Charter related services provided:

  • Performing audits and safety evaluations of aircraft charter providers
  • Providing an AMS transportation analysis
  • Matching the aircraft type with the client’s needs
  • Vetting the charter vender most suited for the client
  • Review and negotiating of the contract and contract terms; ranging from charter quotes to block charter arrangements

Jet Card Programs

A Jet Card program functions much the same as a typical consumer debit card, however in the case of a Jet Card; the customer purchases a number of hours to be used on an aircraft. Upon the client flying on actual trips, the total hours flown for those trips are debited accordingly. As would be expected, many programs differ in the benefits associated with purchasing greater amounts of hours and in some cases, the benefits to a client are meaningful. AMS will advise our clients to utilize Jet Cards only after understanding the unique features and cost associated with them.

Aircraft and Flight Department Audits & Evaluations

  • Pre-Funding Inspections
  • Conformity Review & Collateral Verification
    Our Pre-Funding Service features an on-site, in-depth verification review of the aircraft, its records and its overall condition; validating the aircrafts description, ensuring that specifications are as represented; and that all records are in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations. AMS utilizes FAA-certified airframe & power-plant professionals (and foreign equivalent) and other experts who are familiar with the specific aircraft models in order to provide a most in-depth product review.
  • Technical Audits & Evaluations
    A comprehensive technical report is prepared by our aviation team that will provide current and future scheduled inspection requirements and the current technical condition of the asset.
  • End of Lease Audit Services
    At the end of a lease term, or in the event of a premature termination of a loan or lease transaction, AMS can provide a technical condition report that can then be used in determining the reclamation, refurbishment, and resale/re-lease services to optimize the transaction’s economic benefits.

Portfolio & Asset Management

AMS has developed comprehensive knowledge of all technical and utilization aspects of aircraft operations. You can rely on AMS as your technical advisor in aviation matters such as technical audits/evaluations, managing of import/export requirements, resource & informational services, engaging engineering support, D.E.R. services and D.A.R. services.

AMS works with several major aircraft financial institutions by performing technical audits and evaluations for aircraft and helicopters of all sizes. AMS can provide expertise on maximizing an asset’s worth with regard to; equipment installed, large repairs or modifications and damage assessment.

You can be confident in turning to AMS for all aspects of aviation asset management including; property, real estate, equipment, risk management, preservation, technical analysis, remarketing and distressed asset management.

Aircraft Asset Recovery

AMS can assist in the investigation, recovery and re-marketing of your aviation assets. Upon a distressed asset recovery, we provide a comprehensive report of the assets condition in an accurate and timely manner. Our menus of services include, but are not limited to, managing care and custody provisions, aircraft maintenance and avionic repairs and coordinating paint and interior upgrades.

Litigation and Expert Witness

The expert witness plays an important role in any litigation. In legal parlance they “assist the Trier of facts” by providing opinions which will help the jury or judge determine liability based on the facts of the case. A consultant or expert that can make the complex easy to understand in front of a jury can be the key to a successful outcome in a case. The expert is usually called upon to prepare a written report of his/her opinion, give testimony in a deposition, and testify at trial if necessary.

William Quinn is a leading expert in the business aviation industry. Testifying in court, giving a deposition, and offering expert opinion are the duties that an aviation expert witness performs beyond those of a consultant. Bill will work with you to thoroughly research your facts and point out the deficiencies in the opposing expert’s arguments.