New and Pre-Owned Aircraft
(Fixed-Wing, Single Engine, Turbo Prop, Piston and Helicopters)

Purchasing the right aircraft requires specialized knowledge of the particular aircraft, regulations, intended operation and the current aircraft market. AMS is a leader in successfully working with aircraft owners and perspective owners when making these important choices and decisions.

Whether you are upgrading from your current aircraft or considering your first, AMS will bring you decades of aviation experience to your decision making team. Our scope of knowledge and diverse experience will assist you in making informed decisions on all aspects of acquiring a new or pre-owned aircraft of any size.

The acquisition process is completely structured in a manner for AMS to work along with the client’s team, assume complete responsibility of the acquisition and transaction processes. AMS’ approach to providing aircraft acquisition services begins with combining a comprehensive analysis of the client’s travel needs and specific objectives a client may have for aircraft features. AMS will work with the Client’s appointed legal and tax advisors for the purposes of identifying and defining the necessary due diligence processes and preparing the necessary purchase and sale documentation, managing and overseeing the closing process and assisting with the entry into service process. Simultaneous to the acquisition, AMS is often engaged to assist the client with assembling a flight department or assist the client choose a suitable management company.

From the initial discussion until the aircraft enters operation, AMS’ sole objective is to work for and represent only the best interest of our client. Let AMS utilize our global network and vast industry experience to make your ownership experience one that will produce the best solutions for your transportation needs.

Aircraft Acquisition Related Services

  • Transportation Analysis
    Determining what type of private aircraft travel best suits your needs generally involves budget parameters, specific preferences and other custom requirements. To serve that need, AMS has designed a Transportation Analysis that when completed, provides their client a quantitative analysis based not only on their historical and future travel plans, but also tailored to the clients budget, requirements and personal travel preferences. Ultimately, the transportation analysis identifies various ways a client might choose to access certain types of private aircraft and then clearly illustrates the value proposition of each.
  • Aircraft Ownership
    As with choosing the right aircraft, selecting the best ownership arrangement is also critical and requires a decision process that AMS is experienced with. AMS will assist and advise the client with important decisions such as: making arrangements for care and custody of the aircraft, assembling of a personal flight department or selecting a most suitable aircraft management company, making the aircraft available for charter, enrolling in aircraft or engines maintenance programs and overseeing major maintenance events or upgrade modifications.
  • Pre-Purchase Inspection
    With either new or pre-owned aircraft, an AMS pre-purchase inspection ensures that a multitude of potential issues are reviewed and rectified as necessary. AMS is noted for our focus to detail and thoroughness in discovering important technical issues of the aircraft, facilitating solutions and working with all the entities involved in order to ensure our client’s desires and best interests are realized.
  • Completion Management (new aircraft)
    Having your new aircraft built and custom outfitted is a very complex process. An aircraft completion or refurbishment represents a significant investment in a capital asset. AMS has the extensive experience to ensure that your aircraft completion process is achieved as efficiently as possible.
  • Management Company Evaluation/Selection
    To assist in the selection of the best aircraft management company, AMS will provide our clients with a summary report identifying a group of candidate selections that will incorporate the clients and aircrafts specifications. Some of the candidates AMS select may provide ancillary services that go beyond the concept of managing an aircraft (i.e., FBO services, fuel, hangar space, maintenance, training, etc.). As a general rule the basic business model for providing aircraft management services revolves around any ancillary, or third party, vendor services being provided as a pass through cost. Some management companies offer ancillary services beyond the management and operation of aircraft, so it is important to consider what each candidate has to offer and how best to negotiate the terms and conditions of these services and, more importantly, how they integrate into the overall management process.
  • Aircraft Refurbishment
    Owners that may prefer keeping their aircraft as opposed to purchasing a newer model, typically choose avionic upgrades, fresh paint, and newly styled interiors to be sound investment decisions while others choose to acquire an alternative pre-owned aircraft, perhaps having design features that more effectively meet their desires and objectives. AMS is will represent their clients in areas of component selection, vender negotiations, project oversight and completion acceptance.